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Pool Maintenance

We have two different pool maintenance programs. as follows:


This water care program is designed to take care of your water only, the cost is $28.00 per week and you do not pay for your basic chemicals (salt, shock, tablets).

Things like brushing or vacuuming your pool and cleaning the deck will still be left for you to take care of. Also, you will have to keep your pool full of water as always. Remember, you are not having to add chemicals or bring in water samples freeing up your time to take care of these needs. The dangerous chemicals are now gone from your house as the handling of these chemicals.

Services Included with Water Care:

  • *Collect a sample of pool water, test it for proper balance on site.
  • *Check and clean your skimmer baskets weekly.
  • *Check and clean the hair and lint trap on the pump weekly.
  • *Clean and empty your cleaner bag or basket.
  • *Backwash your filter weekly. 
  • *Clean filter cartridge.
  • *Once a month we will sample your water in store, the results will be recorded and we will balance chemicals.

** FULL MAINTENANCE $119.95 + chemicals:**

The cost of this program will be $119.95 per month plus all chemicals.


Services Included with Full Service:

  • *The pool will be brushed and tile cleaned each week.
  • *The pool will be skimmed with a net each week.
  • *The pool will be vacuumed each week.
  • *The deck will be blown off each week.
  • *The skimmer baskets will be emptied and cleaned each week
  • *The hair and lint trap will be emptied and cleaned each week.
  • *The sand filter will be backwashed each week.
  • *The cartridge filter will be cleaned once the filter pressure has reached 10LBS above normal filter pressure.
  • *The salt cell, if equipped, will be cleaned monthly.
  • *Testing and adjusting the chlorine and PH weekly.
  • *Testing and adjusting the alkalinity, salt, calcium, and stabilizer each month.


  • *No testing of the water as this is already included.
  • *No storing or handling of dangerous chemicals.
  • *More time to enjoy your nice clean pool!